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Adult fiction reviews for the YA generation


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Jerusalem, Israel

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As a young, introverted and slightly precocious girl, anyone who met me would have described me as a bookworm. With a vocabulary above my reading age and a maxed out library card I assumed that my love of reading would follow me through my entire life. But at some point, between the stuffy university required reading lists and - let's face it -  years of brain rot from the social media era, my love of finding a new book to sink my teeth into somehow diminished, and I found myself barely being able to open a new novel.

Sound familiar?


It can be challenging to find adult fiction that feels as stimulating, personal and relatable to our generation as the works of John Green, Suzanne Collins and JK Rowling were, but I know that they are out there, and I have read some of them. I can't wait to share them with you. Join me on the journey to discover the adult fiction that will make us fall in love with reading all over again.

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